Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's in Your Filing Cabinet?

While filing away my October metro pass into my filing cabinet, I thought, "I love keeping bills/reciepts organized, maybe filing cabinets would be a great post".

Please, have a look into my filing tote:

The individual files I have are:
  • Jobs -  job offers/contracts from former employers, old ROEs, projects I've worked on.
  • ING - high interest savings account, TFSA, kick start ING accound - just opened today
  • Old Bills - the last bill for my old cell phone, hydro, water - I've heard you can have hook-up fees if you prove that you've had good credit with another provider
  • RBC - RRSP - this may be changing soon though, as I'm not completely happy there
  • TD - Visa - I keep only 1 year worth of these bills
  • Rogers - phone/internet/cable - I usually only keep 2 or 3 months worth of these bills
  • Recieps - laptop, computer, kitchen appliances, camera, phone, etc.; basically anything that might break that I'd want fixed
  • VANOC - my last job; I should merge this with the Jobs folder now that the contract is over
  • Taxes - 7 years worth.  I have a 2010 folder on the go where I put my monthly transit passes and my 2009 assessment
  • Buying a Home - when I run across personal finance tips around buying a home I print them off and store them here
  • Personal Finance - once per year I find out my credit score and this is where the reports go
  • Mortgage Info - info about different types of mortgage available - this file is ever changing it seems
  • Home Expenses - insurance information goes into here; when I buy a home maybe the condo association information or taxes will go in here
  • Insurance - life insurance information will go in here
What's in your filing cabinet? 


  1. Wow! So organized! I think I need to start one! I just have those accordian file folder for my statements every month and I have one file per year, but this seems like a really good way of organizing everything!

  2. My filing cabinet is online, I scanned 60 lbs of paper. I only keep stuff I MUST keep in hard copy (birth cert, etc).