Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tim Hortons Temptation

Over the past two days I've seen a lot of coverage on the newspaper, evening news, and internet about Tim Horton's announcement that they will now be accepting debit cards at almost all stores (kiosks will still be cash only).

Because I often don't carry cash on me, unless I have some planned spending to do, I wonder if this newest convenience will tempt me to purchase the twice-daily steeped tea that I used to indulge in.  Without the $1.50 or so in my wallet it's been easy to cut that bad habit.  I always carry my debit card for emergencies, and I'll need to keep with that rule!

1 steeped tea @ $1.50/day for a year = $547.50 = A flight our West to visit a friend, or food for 7+ weeks, or a new flatscreen tv, the list goes on.

Will Tim Horton's announcement affect your spending?


  1. I used to like the steeped tea until I bought a travel mug from Starbucks and I just threw a tea bag with some hot water in there for 3 minutes, removed it and had my own steeped tea for pennies :)

  2. I use to drink steep tea a lot until McDonalds came out with their "new" coffee.

    I like the way you add up the cost and think of how much you save over the year! Great motivation! That's how I get myself from buying little things too! :)

  3. I managed last year to cut down my Timmie's habit. I will likely spend a bit more now that they accept debit cards, but it's not an everyday occurence that I go there anymore.

  4. I'm not at Timmies very often, but when I am, it's always cash. That being said, I did just buy a Tim Hortons coffee maker, so that was a pretty penny, but worth every cent!!