Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coupon Heaven

I love coupons!  I've recently used a couple of websites to feed my hobby of coupon clipping; my favourite is

While I love shopping with coupons and shopping in bulk, my apartment often doesn't.  Over the weekend I did a big clean of everything in storage spaces/closets/totes and came to the realization that I have hoarding tendencies.  My house isn't the kind of space you see on the TV show, but it has the potential of getting out of control.

Since I love to shop with coupons I often times purchase items before I actually need them.  Last week I had a coupon for toothpaste, and found a sale for the same brand at Rexall, so I bought one.  Did I need yet another tube of toothpaste?  No, I had one new one just opened, one in my gym bag, and two in my storage tote already.

So my goal from now on is to only purchase things like toothpaste/brushes, tea, shampoo, shaving cream, makeup, dish detergent, etc. when I'm down to my last one.  After all, who needs another pack of toilet paper when you have 100 rolls in the closet already?! 

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  1. Hi,
    I've just found your blog and went back to the first post to read everything you have written so far. I'm from Brazil and I wish we had coupons here too. I watched an American TV show last night called Extreme Couponing and was fascinating by how much those women could save by using the coupons.

    I'm really interested in personal finance blogs and love to read successful stories like yours.

    Keep up the good work!