Monday, November 1, 2010

What I Dream About

According to the ING Direct calculator (I find their website so easy to navigate) I could afford at this point in my financial circumstances a mortgage of $185,475 – or a purchase price of $202,475.
The following information was entered into their system:
     Income: $47,000
     Debts: $0
     Down Payment: 17,000
     Condo Fees: $275/month
     Taxes: $2000/year

I've recently found, a website that compares Mortgage, Insurance, Credit Card, GIC, and RESP rates from around the country.  Plugging in the maximum mortgage value I can currently afford my monthly mortage payment would be $812.51 (ING, 5year Variable Closed, 2.3%).  **Not accounting for CMHC fees since I'd only be putting down 9%)

I want to live in Toronto, not Mississauga, or Markham, or Scarborough, etc. I grew up living on the waters of Lake Huron, so I want to be as close to the lake as possible, and also close to events in the city.  In my price range I could be purchasing a 365sq bachelor apartment.  Not quite my dream place....I'm currently renting a bachelor apartment, and I'm ready for the transition to separate bedroom/living space.  

My goal for my 30th birthday is to have $35,000 as a downpayment, $5,000 in closing costs, a salary of at least $53,000 and an emergency fund of $5,000.  Using the same calculations as before at that point I could afford a $200,217 mortgage with a purchase price of $235,219 making the monthly mortgage payment $877.09.  I would still need to pay 1% CMHC fee, because I'd only be putting down 15%, but that's not too bad.    Listed in that price range right now is a very cute 1 bedroom condo downtown, about a 10 min walk from the lake and close to a great farmer's market.  I know that particular condo won't be listed in 2 years time, but I now know what I'm looking for in my first home and can concentrate on that checklist when it's time to start house hunting.  

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