Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's That Time of the Month Again

No, not that time of the month.  Today is the day that my Rogers bill arrives in my inbox.

Since signing up with Rogers in July I've called their billing department each month to let them know that I've been overcharged.  This month it's only about $9 - close, but still missing the mark.

Usually I get someone on the line who after saying "no, your bill is correct ma'm" will finally calculate each of the services and realize that yes, I am being overcharged.  With Rogers I have a home phone, cable, and internet.  I don't rent movies through Rogers and I have long distance minutes included with my service, so my bill each month isn't complicated....it's just always wrong!

After 71 minutes on the phone and 3 different reps, one of which said "I'll explain this to you in another way, because you just don't get it" my this morning the bill was finally corrected.  No free movie or a credit for taking up almost an hour of my time, just a correction to what Rogers should have billed me in the first place.

Once my contract is up with Rogers I can't wait to switch to a new provider.
Any suggestions out there?

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