Monday, November 8, 2010

What's on Your List?

With Christmas just around the corner now, I've been asked from family and friends what I'd like to recieve this year. 

After giving it a bit of thought, here's what I've come up with:
- A pair of shoes to keep at work during the winter
- A gift card/credit towards my ZipCar membership - when the snow gets bad I'm hoping not to have to lug my groceries every week, so doing a 1-hour ZipCar rental per week would be perfect
- A gift card towards Loblaws/No Frills to free up some money to put into my trip fund.
- New creme brulee torch - mine broke
- A gift card towards Michael's so that I can finish my scrapbook - I didn't realize how costly this costly this hobby is!

What's on your wish list?


  1. My christmas wish list:

    $98 sewing machine from Wal-mart
    $10 neocash card (for Neopets) from shoppers
    gift certificates for books
    non-metal knitting needles in various sizes
    a stand mixer
    a blender

    I don't really need anything, so my whole list is wants. :) Of course, no one evers asks me what I want for Christmas, so I gt what I get from family, lol!

  2. my mom says that too: SCRAPBOOKING IS THE DEVIL!

    My wish list right now? Not much. Already got my Apple iPod Touch, and anything else I want is just clothing lust.

    I'd like to buy that piano next year (Roland RD700 GX -- $3000 CAD for everything + accessories) but I need to hold off until we move.

  3. 1. Mackage leather jacket or a wool jacket (probably not going to get it)
    2. Kitchen Aid! :)
    3. Espresso machine

    That's about it!

  4. The Kitchen Aid has been on my list for years, but I don't think I'll end up getting one. Something about how it's a good wedding present (says my Mom), so I've got to wait for a while longer.

    Other than that, I'm craving more kitchen stuff and a few nice sweaters.