Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Spending Weakness

I've known for a long time what my weakness is: decorating my apartment.  Decorating with a pillow, candles, flowers, kitchen appliances, tabletop books, lamps, pictures, place settings, etc.

While I am trying to go cold turkey - really, do I need another appliance I don't use??  I sometimes use my entertainment money to decorate.  Yesterday's purchase (which was paid with a gift card, so technically it didn't come out of my budget) was two red candle holders, perfect for the Christmas dinner table. 

In recognizing my addiction the stores I need to stay away from include: Urban Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pier One, Home Sense, Williams Sonoma, Bouclair, Pottery Barn, Home Outfitters, Bowring, Ikea, and Bombay Company.

When the time comes to buy my first home in 2010 I'll be allowing myself a budget of $2,000 for home decor - my main item will be a couch, so that will take up a big portion.  The style of couch I'm looking for looks like this:
Until that time comes I'll be clipping out magazine photos and imagining my perfect space!

What's your spending weakness?


  1. I definitely drool over cute decorations for homes. Though I manage to hold off most of the time, I always admire my friends' apartments and their clever decor!

    I guess I hold off shopping as much as possible, but I do tend to buy clothes a lot...usually very practical clothes (shirts+pants for work, jeans, underwear/socks), but I know I also get drawn towards workout gear if it's on sale...

  2. My spending weakness, as you can see from my blog is CLOTHES :( Especially clothes that are on sale!